May 14, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Believers Youth Camp 2020 is becoming a reality, after just a week ago having no place to meet.  Registration is now officially OPEN and you are encouraged to download the forms and register online. I know this does not give much advance notice, but as circumstances in our nation have changed drastically in the past few months, we have just now been given the go-ahead to hold a camp-meeting (with the guidance of the Indiana Health Department.)  This being said, we will be located on a new campground this year which is in Marion Indiana just a couple miles off of I-69.  We have limited capacity this year as we follow new COVID-19 public meeting guidelines.  As a result of this change, we are giving preference to campers age 21 and below. Once registration is full, we will place names on a waiting list, in the event the state changes the meeting size requirements.

The campground in Fortville has been closed for the summer, which left us without a place to host camp.  The Lord has provided this new location, rightly named “Shiloh;” located in Marion Indiana.  Download the registration forms (including rules and COVID-19 waiver form) from the website and return them to  in a pdf format if possible.  Due to the unreliability of the US Postal service and the shortened registration period, please do not send applications via mail. No advance payment is required this year but we urge you to register prior to June 13 to allow us time to make room assignments.  In the event we reach capacity you will be placed on a waiting list and notified as such.  As we all know, capacity levels may change at the direction of the local health department guidelines.

New social distancing requirements are being implemented as well as other sanitization efforts.  All campers and staff will undergo a health screening upon arrival.  If you exhibit any symptoms associated with COVID-19 before leaving home, we ask you to notify us and DO NOT COME! Furthermore, it is expedient that all rules be followed. Exiting cabins at night will not be tolerated; so if you have the premise to break the rules, we ask that you stay home as well to prevent being sent home prematurely.

Check in will begin at 3:00 pm on June 27. We ask you to stay at your vehicle until the registration area has cleared of the campers ahead of you. We encourage you to bring proper PPE with you, and we ask that you exhibit handwashing and use the sanitization stations provided at all meeting entrances. If you choose to wear a mask, that is advisable; however, we will not require campers to wear masks.  Before leaving home for camp, please check the website for any last-minute updates, also, parents, please verify your campers luggage is compliant with rules and mark belongings such as Bibles, ball gloves, curling irons, hair dryers with campers name.

We encourage campers to bring musical instruments to camp but ask that no instruments be shared, such as guitars, and especially wind instruments. This is due to new health guidelines. We will be sanitizing piano keys between players and many other precautions, never thought of before this year. Any questions or concerns may be addressed to:

All food services are being provided by camp owners staff and their COVID-19 guidelines can be viewed at :

Lastly, and most importantly, please be in prayer for our nation and for the camp-meeting as we “Overcome in Laodicea”


God Bless,

Doug Severt


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