2021 Registration


May 4th, 2021

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Since we last gathered together for Believers Youth Camp the world has become a much different place, and things that we once took for granted are now cherished. Despite all the changes that Covid-19 has brought, we feel blessed to report that BYC 2021 is set for July 3 through July 9 in Fortville, Indiana. Check-in will begin in the gymnasium at 3:00 p.m. on July 3rd. The theme this year is “Filled to the Fullest,” and we are praying for a filling and refilling for everyone who is able to be a part this year. We look forward to this time of worshipping the Lord together with you; but for those unable to attend we ask that you be in prayer for all who will be ministering, from the pulpit to the dorms, and for the campers: that each one will indeed be Filled to the fullest.

For those who have never been to this camp before, BYC is a camp meeting for youth 10 years old and older, with worship services specifically geared toward the 10 to 13 years old campers, as well as services for the age 14 and older campers.  The primary focus of BYC is to see young people come to a personal experience with Jesus Christ, and for those who have already come to know the Lord to grow in their relationship with Him. Throughout the week there will be a lot of activities in addition to the worship services; these include choir, skits, crafts, recreational activities, art, scavenger hunts, time to meet new friends, and 3 daily meals (meal costs are included in the camp fees.)   Recreational activities include volleyball, basketball, softball, life size chess, human foosball, a gaga pit, and a few new surprises. There is also a concession stand available in the evenings following the services, so you may wish to bring cash for this purpose.

Registration for BYC is online only this year, and all payments can be made upon arrival. Please note that Hancock County, Indiana (the location of the campground) has an active mandate requiring face coverings be worn as of the time of this writing. This is subject to change before camp, and we will post any updates regarding this on the website. At this time, we do not know what our allowable capacity will be, until we receive further instructions from the campground owners and the local health department. So register early in the event that camp has to abide by reduced capacity guidelines.   The cost for registration will be $140, with all registration forms required to be submitted by June 27th. Please email all forms to: believersyouthcamp@gmail.com

We realize that this is somewhat short notice and we urge you to let your friends and your churches know that BYC 2021 registration is now underway.  For those who are interested in being a part of BYC 2021 as a worker or dorm leader, please send an email to the email address listed above, and we will be in touch. In the subject line type “Staff App.”   The need for Holy Ghost filled leaders is greater than ever before, so if you have a desire and a burden to labor with us, please respond. In addition to dorm leaders, we will need more kitchen staff this year, as some of the Covid restrictions still in effect involve more labor-intensive food preparation protocols.  There will also be a need for more personnel that can assist with recreational activities, as we have plans for many smaller group-size activities this year.

Updates regarding Covid restrictions will be posted by June 28th (or as soon as they become available) on the website believersyouthcamp.com. We are praying, preparing, and anticipating this time in the Lord with you!


God Bless,

Doug Severt

Believers Youth Camp


2021 Registration Forms And Rules PDF


Registration FAQ:

Does the medical form have to be notarized?

Yes.  Most banks will have a notary and this can be easily done.  You do not have to email the notarized form with registration, but you must bring the form with you when you come.


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