Believer’s Youth Camp in West Milton, Ohio, started in 1982 with 62 young people from three churches. Last summer, the camp celebrated its 31st year with a record number of youth gathering from around the country.

The Lord has never failed to pour out His Spirit on the young people who sincerely seek Him during this special week.

Until recently, Bro. Mike Severt has been directing the camp since its beginning, when he joined with Bro. Dewey Moss and a few other brothers to create a place of fellowship and spiritual renewal for youth who were struggling to separate from things of the world.

“They felt they were different,” Bro. Severt recalled. “I told them, ‘You need to be with other young people who are going through the same thing.’”

“The kids need an experience with God,” Bro. Moss said. “This is what we’re here for, to get them in the right atmosphere to meet God.”

Sixty-two young people participated in the inaugural camp, with evangelists Bro. John LaFontaine and Bro. Tommy Earnest.

“That year at the camp, we had a real visitation from God, and a lot of the young people received help,” Bro. Severt said.

Their excitement was contagious, and the next year’s camp doubled to 128 kids. By its third year, the camp had doubled again, with youth coming from as far as Australia, Denmark, the Ukraine and Alaska.

The vision of the camp has never been to introduce doctrines but to help young people come into relationship with God, that they may know Him personally in the power of His resurrection and revelation of His Word to their own heart.